Prioritizing Worker Protection

The railroad is one of America’s most dangerous workplaces. Railroad workers—from mechanics and carmen to pipefitters, brakemen, and switchmen—still risk their lives every day to help goods and people cross this great land. Unfortunately, despite their critical role, when a railroad worker becomes injured, employers don't always prioritize protecting their workers' interests. 

This is where Roven Camp steps in.

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Reclaiming Lives

At Roven Camp, we help injured railroad workers stand up for themselves and reclaim their lives after they’ve been hurt on the job. We have over 50 years of combined experience working with our clients to protect their rights and build their family’s emotional and financial security. Our team does not collect any upfront costs. We will work with you day and night on your case, and we won’t get paid until you do.

I was in an accident in 2017; Kevin was brought in a few years later to help represent me. He did an outstanding job and was always available for questions. This year, I received a fair settlement that he helped negotiate.

—Railroad Carman

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We Speak Railroad

Kevin Camp

With a passion for justice and safety, Kevin Camp leads the charge at Roven Camp, specializing in representing injured railroad workers. Having experienced a life-altering injury himself, Kevin brings empathy and honesty to his clients, ensuring they make informed decisions. His commitment extends beyond individual cases to advocate for systemic changes that foster a safer workforce.


John Roven

John Roven's path into personal injury law was shaped by his hardworking grandfather and a determination to champion the rights of all working people, with over 40 years of experience navigating insurance companies and rail carriers. As the co-founder of Roven Camp, he focuses on transparent communication, trust-building, and providing families with a path forward for emotional and financial security.

What We Do

Railroad Injuries

Navigating the complexities of railroad injury cases, Roven Camp brings over 50 years of combined experience, tirelessly advocating for injured workers. We understand the risks and challenges unique to the railroad industry, offering expert guidance to secure just compensation for injuries, from amputations to traumatic brain injuries.

FELA & Union Resources

Roven Camp is a trusted ally for railroad workers seeking justice under the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA) and leveraging union resources. We work closely with various unions, empowering workers with legal insights, ensuring their rights are protected, and providing a pathway to fair compensation and safer workplaces.

Other Practice Areas

Beyond railroad injuries, Roven Camp excels in diverse practice areas, including asbestos cases, catastrophic car accidents, semi-truck accidents, personal injury, and workplace injuries. Our attorneys offer unwavering support, leveraging expertise to navigate legal complexities, secure compensation, and help individuals reclaim their lives after various life-altering incidents.

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How It Works

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Step Three

We’ll start our investigation and gather the evidence we need to build your most robust case.

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This is not our first rodeo. We've made it our mission to help injured railroad workers like you get the compensation and treatment you deserve. If we team up, we'll use our years of experience and resources to fight for your rights and guide you through the process.

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Your Legal Rights Hire the Experts in Railway Worker Injuries

When you’re injured and your family’s livelihood is at stake, it might seem like your employer or insurance companies hold all the power to make key decisions that impact your life. Not true. There are laws that protect you. We know your legal rights. We will help you.

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