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Texas railroad workers play a vital role in the state's transportation industry, facing unique challenges and potential hazards in their daily tasks. Understanding the intricacies of railroad worker benefits can protect your rights in case of work-related injuries. Roven Camp specializes in advocating for the rights of railroad workers, offering comprehensive support to help you navigate the complex landscape of benefits available.

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Railroad workers possess rights protected by the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA). At Roven Camp, we specialize in FELA cases, providing legal expertise to those seeking compensation for injuries resulting from employer negligence. Our seasoned Houston attorneys understand the unique challenges of FELA claims and strive to secure fair and just compensation for our clients. Additionally, we guide individuals in accessing and comprehending healthcare coverage, ensuring that injured railroad workers receive the necessary medical care. We are committed to addressing disputes related to medical benefits, advocating tirelessly for our clients to secure the treatments and support they require.

Types of Benefits Available

Retirement Benefits

Railroad retirement benefits hinge on your years of service and earnings. Options include retirement at age 60 with 30 years of service, age 62 with 10 years of service, or age 65 with five years of service. Early retirement is possible at age 62 with five years of service, albeit with reduced benefits.

Unemployment Benefits

In the event of unemployment or illness, you may qualify for specific benefits tied to your earnings. Railroad unemployment benefits offer financial aid to railroad workers facing job loss through no fault of their own, while railroad sickness benefits provide financial support to workers unable to perform their duties due to sickness or injury.

Disability Benefits

In case of a disability preventing work, eligibility for railroad disability benefits is determined by years of service and earnings. A minimum of ten years of service is required for eligibility. The benefits consist of a monthly annuity and Medicare coverage.

Survivor Benefits

If you die while employed by a railroad, your survivors may be eligible for survivor benefits calculated based on your years of service and earnings. Survivor benefits include a monthly annuity, a lump-sum payment, and Medicare coverage.

Resources for Railroad Workers

As a railroad worker in Texas, you may be eligible for various resources and assistance programs to help you with your job-related needs. 

Railroad Retirement Board (RRB)

The RRB is a federal agency that administers retirement, survivor, unemployment, and sickness benefits to railroad workers and their families. You may be eligible for these benefits if you have previously worked for a railroad employer. You can contact the RRB to learn more about your eligibility and how to apply.

Union-Specific Resources

Many railroad workers are members of unions that provide additional benefits and protections. Our firm has an established partnership with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), among other unions, to ensure members maximize the support they need from their unions through legal representation.

Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)

The TWC provides resources and assistance to all workers in Texas, including those in the railroad industry. They offer job search assistance, unemployment benefits, and training programs to help you improve your skills and find new employment opportunities. Learn more by visiting their website or contacting your local TWC office.

Railroad Employer Programs

Some railroad employers offer their own resources and assistance programs to their employees. These may include health and wellness programs, financial planning services, and employee assistance programs for mental health and substance abuse issues. Check with your employer to see what programs are available to you.

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How Roven Camp Can Help

At Roven Camp, we go beyond traditional benefits and actively promote workplace safety and rights for railroad workers. We work closely with our clients to address issues related to unsafe working conditions, employer negligence, and retaliation. Our goal is to contribute to a safer working environment for all railroad workers in Texas.

Navigating the complex landscape of railroad worker benefits requires a specialized and experienced legal team. Roven Camp is committed to empowering railroad workers in Texas, ensuring they receive the benefits and protections they deserve. If you're a railroad worker seeking assistance with benefits or facing challenges related to your rights, contact us today for dedicated and knowledgeable legal support.

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