Asbestos Cases

Asbestos-related illnesses predominantly impact individuals with prolonged exposure to concentrated asbestos levels in high-risk occupations. Despite regulatory measures since the 1970s, workers continue grappling with asbestos-related compensation claims. Roven Camp's Houston attorneys offer unparalleled legal support, adeptly guiding victims through the complexities of pursuing rightful compensation in the aftermath of asbestos exposure.

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Catastrophic Car Accidents

You may be facing serious repairs to your vehicle, treatment for any injuries, as well as the obstacles that occur when your daily transportation is interrupted – from getting to work to getting your kids to school. Roven Camp is here to help. Our Texas car accident attorneys can work with you to recover financial compensation for both your injuries and your losses so that you are able to rebuild your life and find a way forward.

Semi Truck Accidents

Semi-truck accidents can cause severe damage, injuries, and emotional distress due to their massive size and weight. Given the formidable legal challenges posed by powerful defense lawyers employed by trucking companies, partnering with a skilled Texas truck crash lawyer is crucial. Roven Camp's attorneys are dedicated advocates, meticulously investigating cases, championing rights, and securing necessary compensation for recovery after traumatic semi-truck accidents. 

I injured my back at work and couldn't do my heavy labor job. John Roven was honest with me from day one. He helped me deal with disability insurance, calmed me down, and helped me survive for two years. He got me a great settlement that will change our lives for the better.


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Personal Injury

Roven Camp’s Texas attorneys offer much-needed support for various personal injury cases including slip and falls, product liability, medical malpractice, and more. Understanding one's rights is pivotal, so you can pursue compensation for injuries due to someone else's negligence. Roven Camp is committed to educating clients about their rights and guiding them through legal processes, including negotiations and, if needed, litigation.

Workplace Injuries

At Roven Camp, we help injured Texas workers stand up for themselves and reclaim their lives after they’ve been hurt on the job. We have over 50 years of combined experience representing employees who are the victims of injuries due to workplace safety violations. We have experience in identifying whether a legitimate claim exists and helping injured workers in their fight to make things right.

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How Roven Camp Can Help

At Roven Camp, we believe in aiding clients through challenging times, recognizing the profound impact of losing one's livelihood. Our commitment involves diligently advancing cases within legal parameters, advocating for accountability across industries, and ensuring justice. Ultimately, our efforts contribute to fostering safer workplaces for railroaders and beyond.

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Your Legal Rights Hire the Experts in Railway Worker Injuries

When you’re injured and your family’s livelihood is at stake, it might seem like your employer or insurance companies hold all the power to make key decisions that impact your life. Not true. There are laws that protect you. We know your legal rights. We will help you.

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