If you’re a railroad worker, you already know the railroad industry is the backbone of the great American transportation system. The industry has a proud history in the state of Texas.

However, you also know just how dangerous it can be to work on the railroad. It is a hard and essential job, but unfortunately, many workers risk their health and wellness every day to make sure it gets done.

If you were injured while working on the railroad, the path to compensation can seem long and overwhelming. You need a trusted and experienced railroad injury lawyer to win your fight against these large companies.

Roven Camp’s Houston team of railroad injury attorneys is here to help you win your case. This article describes what a good FELA lawyer looks like for you and your family.

What Does the Process Look Like for Choosing a Texas FELA Lawyer?

A railroad injury can be frightening and life-changing. You and your family need to take time to heal before diving too deeply into the compensation process.

However, once you have sought and received your necessary medical care, it is important to contact a FELA lawyer soon after your accident. 

The Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA) is a federal statute specifically intended to cover railroad employees who are injured on the job – and in almost every case, it’s even better than workers’ compensation.

Only an experienced railroad injury lawyer can give you the best support moving forward with your FELA claim.

What Makes a Good FELA Lawyer?

There are many FELA lawyers to choose from, even in the state of Texas alone, but there are some crucial details to look out for in your search for representation.

1. Find a lawyer who comes prepared

Railroad companies are notorious for fighting against FELA claims. These companies do not want to pay them, and they will do what it takes to skirt responsibility for your life-changing accident.

A good FELA lawyer will come prepared with facts, documents, photos, and witnesses to fight against the railroad companies’ games.

2. Choose an experienced FELA lawyer

The railroad industry is quite unique. It has its own regulations and laws like FELA and the Federal Rail Safety Act (FRSA) that cover not only compensation, but also required workplace safety conditions.

If you choose a lawyer without FELA and railroad injury experience, they won’t know the fine details of the industry and the related laws.

3. Pick a lawyer with the ability to speak railroad

You want a FELA lawyer that speaks railroad. As a railroad employee, you already know there is a special language that comes with the job.

A lawyer who speaks railroad will be able to understand the facts surrounding the accident and properly illustrate the narrative with witness testimonies and other evidence.

If your lawyer doesn’t know the terminology – or even what railroad work entails – they can’t put the facts first to win your case.

4. Find a FELA attorney with knowledge of railroad industry documents

An experienced FELA lawyer will also know and understand the documents that come with winning a FELA case.

The railroad accident report is a short but very crucial document in a FELA case. A railroad lawyer will also know what to look for when it comes to maintenance reports, inspection records, and other documentation about workplace safety and hazards.

5. Make sure your attorney has connections in the railroad industry

An experienced FELA lawyer also brings their connections to the case. After years of tackling railroad injury cases, they will know different clients, employees, union representatives, and other people who can help you build your case.

They will also have experience representing employees from your railroad company. They will be able to predict the tactics the company might bring to the case, and use that knowledge to help you.

Contact Houston FELA Lawyers Roven Camp Today

If you’ve been injured in a railroad accident, the life-changing consequences may seem overwhelming. However, you need to know that you are not alone. 

Here at Roven Camp, this is not our first rodeo. We have represented injured railroad workers for decades, and we are ready to work together with you to win your case. Contact us today for your free confidential consultation.

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